(living that #momlife in our Snap Longsleeve)

Meet Rebekah

I founded Poppyseed when I was 7 months pregnant. Some may call this crazy, and it may very well be, but it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made. I am passionate about creating clothing that can solve problems, while still making my customers feel exactly like themselves. I also love tea, a lot. I’m married to my best friend and we have a bright-eyed one year old who has the cutest dimples this side of anything. I am a believer. I grew up on both the beaches of Central California and the countryside of the Midwest. I am a Military spouse. I call the gritty city of Tacoma, Washington home, and find inspiration in its hard working history. I am a hustler and am here to shake things up. Also, Han shot first.  


Meet Poppyseed

It started with one dress.

My sister simply wanted a dress she could wear before, during and after pregnancy, so I engineered one that did just that. It took several years, multiple career moves, and various iterations of the dress before I was ready to start my own brand. In 2016 Poppyseed was born and The Zipper Dress, the core design from The Capsule Collection was launched on Kickstarter. The goal for production was met in the allotted 30 days and the dress was produced in Los Angeles, California. Since the Kickstarter, a new garment in The Capsule Collection has been released every few months, with the final design set to debut this fall. Every piece, save The Zipper Dress, is handmade right here at The Poppyseed Studio, in Tacoma, Washington.

At Poppyseed we are committed to producing garments that can be worn through multiple stages of life. If you are pregnant, or not, postpartum or simply craving clothing that does more, we offer something that will fit. Because clothing should fit, regardless.