From our philosophy to the materials we use and people we employ, Poppyseed is all about conscious functional pieces that empower women to kick ass.

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Our Philosophy:

Fits Regardless

Poppyseed was created out of a need for clothes that fit regardless. Regardless of size, shape, trimester, menopause or any other body metamorphosis that us women go through while we continue to kick ass at all things life.

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Our Design:

Engineered Comfort

Taking inspiration from the functionality of military garments, the versatility of maternity & activewear as well as Fashion Week catwalks, we create life-proof pieces that adapt to your needs. Each garment is engineered to allow maximum comfort while emphasizing all the right curves & lines, so you can tackle any challenge looking elegant.


Our Quality:

Hand-Made in the USA

We design & sew everything by hand here in Tacoma, WA and source our materials as close to home as possible - from LA, Canada, and Japan. We strive to use only sustainable textiles and often work with smaller ethical mills, as well as incorporate military surplus, end of bolt and vintage fabrics.


Our Team:

Women Owned

From our founder Rebekah Adams to our seamstresses, web-designers and stylists, our team is a kingdom of talented women who empower each other every day. Read Our Story to learn more about Rebekah and don’t forget to check out Watch Her Hustle blog for stories about strong women in our community.


Our Founder:

Rebekah Adams

A military spouse, a momma of a bright-eyed toddler and a believer, our founder Rebekah has always thrived on hard briefs. Raised on the beaches of Central California and the countryside of the Midwest, she moved to the gritty city of Tacoma where she founded Poppyseed when she was seven months pregnant. Some may call this crazy, and it may very well be, but she’d say it was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Because she started designing while she was pregnant, she became wildly passionate about creating clothes that can fit regardless. In a world where everything is “smart,” she felt her clothing should be too.


Our Story:

How It All Started

It started with one dress. Rebekah’s sister wanted a kickass dress she could wear before, during, and after pregnancy. So she engineered a dress that could change shape using two bilateral zippers sewn into inverted pleats. English? She could change the shape of the dress as she needed. Interest in this product grew, and soon people were asking where they could buy one. After graduation and a few years of contracted work, the moment came for Adams to launch her own brand.

A Kickstarter campaign in January 2016 funded the production of the core design, The Zipper Dress. Throughout the rest of the year, new and new innovative pieces that solved problems were added to the collection.


Our Story continues…

In 2017 Rebekah competed in The Bellevue Collection Independent Designer Runway Show. She showed her Spring/Summer ‘18 Collection, "Break The Surface," and took home the grand prize.

In 2018 she was invited back to show her newest collection “LAUNCHED”, which is currently sold online and in select stores. Each item is hand-made by the Poppyseed team, a small group of women dedicated to producing high quality garments.

Rebekah is currently working on her FW19 Collection, scheduled to drop in early March, 2019.