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I’ve been badgering Rebekah to interview for her own series for quite some time now. Finally, she said yes. Enjoy. -Amanda

Victory lap at Bellevue Fashion Week. Image courtesy of Elenna Loredana

Amanda: Rebekah, you WON Bellevue Collection’s 6th Annual Independent Designer Runway Show! How are you feeling? 

Rebekah: You know, it’s been over a month now and I’m still kind of reeling from it. I keep having to remind myself that it happened and it wasn’t just a crazy dream.

A: Now that you’ve won, what’s next for Poppyseed?

RA: People keep asking, and my answer is to keep going! I knew before I won IDRS that regardless of the outcome, I would keep producing collection, keep moving these company forward even if I had to take it slow. Winning has definitely helped speed up the process! The cash prize (which is going right back into this company: hello new sewing machine!), the mentorship process, the publicity, everything has helped launch this company more securely into the next chapter.  Specifically, we’re having TWO pop-ups this Holiday Season and spending the winter producing our winning collection right here in the Poppyseed Studio and The Greater Seattle Area. I’ve also started working on our next collection  (yes, that means Fall/Winter 2018 already!). We are currently knees deep in planning a Launch Party for early March. I don’t want to give everything away, but It’s going to be goooood! Our winning collection, “Break the Surface” will be available for purchase AND we’ll have pre-orders starting for our FW18 collection. 

A: How about some background. Why the name Poppyseed? 

RA: When I found out I was finally pregnant (we dealt with infertility for a few years), I was around 4 weeks pregnant. At this point baby was the size of a poppy seed, and since we are huge nickname givers in our family, we started calling it Poppyseed. Months later, I was sitting with my friend at a cafe where we were brainstorming ideas for this new brand. I was about 5 months pregnant and the little guy was kicking and kicking, so much so that it was hard to think. Finally, I put my hand on my belly and said, “Poppyseed, calm down! Mama is trying to work.” Then I looked up at my friend and said “What if we called it Poppyseed?” And that was that, the brand was born. A few weeks later my husband and I found out we were having a boy and soon began referring to him by his *actual* name, then Poppyseed became the brand it is today.

A: How would you describe Poppyseed?


RA: Poppyseed is a womenswear brand focusing on producing garments that transition with the wearer. That’s our official position. Poppyseed solves problems. It brings the power of creativity back to the wearer. Engineered to change, shift and move, because as women our bodies are constantly doing the same thing.  

A: What are your top three favorite things your excited about for Poppyseed right now?

RA: 1. Getting our lookbook for SS18 back from the printers! This is our first lookbook to be printed, and I’m SO excited to get my hands on it! 

2. Meeting SO many new people! I love, love, love community, so being able to meet more women who resonate with what we’re doing at Poppyseed has been so amazing.

3. Finally, I’m so excited to finally see my customers reacting to SS18 Collection. This was a really emotional collection for me, so being able to actually see women pre-ordering and interacting with it has been a huge blessing.

A: I’ve seen pictures of pregnant women wearing your designs. Is Poppyseed a maternity brand?

RA: Honestly, it was in the beginning. We first focused on pieces that fit women before, during and after pregnancy, but then I started listening to my customers at pop-ups. Guess what? Most of them were NOT pregnant. Most of them simply wanted a brand that offered clothing they could control. We rebranded a little, and now focus on helping women in all stages of life to get the clothing they need. Side note: of course everything is still pregnancy friendly and most designs are also nursing friendly. We’re simply making clothing that fit regardless. 

The Wrap Jumpsuit: $378

A: What are three goals you have set for Poppyseed within the next two years?

RA: 1. Continue to serve my customers. 

      2. Produce problem solving, exciting collections.

      3. Continue to collaborate with inspirational women.

A: Coffee or Tea? 

RA: Tea. Eryday, son.

Meeting our little dude 18 months ago.

Meeting our little dude 18 months ago.

A: We know you have a little one, how is being a working mother impact your work and home life? (What’s easy, what’s difficult, what’s awesome, what’s not, etc.)

RA: Being a mom has hands down made me a better person. I am braver, more organized and better with time management. However, it has taken a while to adjust, and I’m still adjusting to be honest (and probably always will be!). I’ve learned that when I walk in the door after working all day,  I have to shut the “Work Drawer” in my brain and open the “Mom Drawer”. Sometimes my roles cross, like when I have to bring the little dude to a photoshoot or an event, or when I have meetings via Skype during his nap time, but overall I try and keep them separate. It's been healthy change to set work boundaries and spend more quality time with my family. 

A: On an unrelated note, if you were to play any music while working in your studio, what would that be?

RA:Right now I’ve been obsessed with Chance The Rapper. Especially his song “ Blessings”. Magic.

A: Thanks for finally giving in to an interview for WHH, Rebekah. It’s been so cool to see Poppyseed grow over the past few years and I’m so  stoked to see what this next year has up its sleeve! 

Stay awesome, 

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