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Today we’re talking with Kristina Libby, a resident of Dallas and a hustler to the Nth degree. Kristina is the CEO of the solutions agency the Social Works Co and founder of the forthcoming app SoCu; oh, and she is also a Professor at the University of Florida. Like we said, a hustler after our own hearts.

Poppyseed: Welcome Kristina! Tell us a little bit about what you do? You know, a day in the life of Kristina Libby.

(Image courtesy of Kristina Libby via Twitter)

(Image courtesy of Kristina Libby via Twitter)

Kristina Libby: I run a company called SoCu - it stands for social curation and sometimes social currency. We are a technology company that helps brands connect with people of all levels of influence. My days are anything but typical - whether I'm driving to Austin to meet customers, or flying to NYC to meet potential investors - the only consistency I have is the unexpected.  Something always goes right. Something else goes wrong and nothing remains the same. It's what I love and it's also what makes being an entrepreneur really really hard.

Most days I wake up by 6am and I'm still working at 8:30pm but I believe in what I'm doing and I believe in the change we are creating in the world. You have to hustle to get where you want to go and you have to build a network of people around you to help you make it happen.

PS: We love the hustle, but it’s a huge step into the world of entrepreneurship. How did you know you wanted to work for yourself?

KS: I'm a constant learner - I'm always reading a new book, taking a new class, trying something new, tinkering. It's the way my mind works and how I operate. So, working for myself gives me that. I love corporate America too but at times it's been too slow for me.

Right now, working for myself seems the obvious results of my childhood. I'm from Maine - land of the solo business owner - some people might say it's the result of curmudgeons and cold weather but I think it's because we are a work hard, work harder culture. People don't give up. People there work through the snowstorm and the heat wave and the Northeaster, because that's what you have to do to survive.   

PS: Gotta say, it's super inspiring to hear the history behind your stellar work ethic. If you could give three key pieces of advice to other women pursuing a path in entrepreneurship, what would it be?  

KS:     1. Read more books 2. Listen to more podcasts 3. Grow your network

PS: Have there been people in your life that has empowered and inspired you? If so, who?

@kristinamlibby: It's a new era of  #influence  and  #influencermarketing  and especially  #socialmedia  - loved speaking today at  #digimarketing  in  #NYC . ( Image courtesy of Kristina Libby via Instagram) 

@kristinamlibby: It's a new era of #influence and #influencermarketing and especially #socialmedia - loved speaking today at #digimarketing in #NYC. (Image courtesy of Kristina Libby via Instagram) 

KS: Yes, Samantha Power and Madeleine Albright are my heroes. Those are women who are smart, talented, put together and successful - they broke down all kinds of barriers by just being great hard workers.

PS: Now, because we can’t work all the time, what's currently your favorite: Band?

KS: The Chainsmokers

PS: Book?

KS: A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

PS: Country to visit?

KS: Kenya

PS: Rapid fire responses for the win. Wouldn’t expect anything else from such a hustler. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! We’re so excited to see SoCu come to life and wish you the best of luck out there. (fist bump)

Be sure to keep up with Kristina on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, cause this woman is going places and you’re not going to want to miss it.

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